Out Beadin

June 29, 2008

unsuccessfully .

Nothing like these chilly hazy San Francisco summers.


Hipster Relapse

June 28, 2008

First post from my shiny new MacBook Pro.

My bike.

My bike after some hipster matchy-matchy. Form>Function.

Did you know I love track drops and clipless pedals?


June 26, 2008

Meet Bowie.

Not to be confused with the other dinosaur, Howie. That’s right. Howie.

Bowie was resurrected by a scientist from Jurassic Park.

Bowie does NOT like high places, but he does enjoy fucking bitches and getting money with his bros.

Bowie don’t get food unless he brings home the G’s.

What I wore today.

June 24, 2008

What you missed out on.

I drank chicken juice. My grandma says that it will make me grow. =)

Hit The Streets

June 23, 2008

Gordon plays hip. Kewl kids don’t know how to tie shoes!

Gordon plays jock. My jeans look weird @_@



Day 1-4

My goal was a week, seven days. I failed. So instead of 3 more pictures, I offer you an interesting juxtaposition of day 5 and day 6 aka day 1 try #2?

Hair is so different from denim… =T

Talk About Insomnia

June 21, 2008

It is 5:22 AM. I am watching the music video for Bye Bye by (hahaha…) Mariah Carey.

I watched the sun rise… Success at around 7:30… T_T what a horrible night.

from The Kid Stays In The Picture by Bob Evans

Thanks to the combination of Hollywood notoriety and newfound green, New York became far more friendly. When my mother passed away, I moved into a townhouse on East Sixty-seventh off Fifth Avenue, complete with elevator, two terraces, and three skylights. It was there I discovered a new passion – interior design – and learned that background makes foreground. If I was paid too many compliments on the tie I was wearing, it would immediately go in the shredder. The tie is there for me to look better, not for me to make the tie look better. If my drawing room’s eighteenth – century armoire was given too much attention, off to Sotherby’s it went. Again, the armoire is there to enhance the drawing room, not the reverse. That’s what background makes foreground is all about.

Now that you mention it, I would rather people say, “I like you.” rather than, “I like your shirt.” =T

I have a feeling this summer is going to consist of alot of pasta… My mom just brought home two jugs of alfredo sauce… I love alfredo, but two jugs too many…

I’m Such A Roadie

June 19, 2008

I’m such a brand whore.

Oh, drops… How I have missed you so! I feel so fast.