Dam Teenagers

July 30, 2008

And for those who don’t give a fuck here is something from my uber secret youtube vault



July 27, 2008

Do you understand? (that’s a link btw)

He says, “I’ve had this theory about the meaning of life. You’re ultimately trying to prove to yourself that you exist.”

The yo-yo snaps back into his palm.

“It’s why you do anything.”

Conversation between a Chinese waiter and an Indian tourist…

I need some advice.

Fried rice?

No no I need some AD VICE *points at menu*

Ooh fried rice?

Nom nOm noM

July 25, 2008

House of Prim Rib

1906 Van Ness Ave 



(Color is a bit off due to poor lighting. Taste was not.)

Seasons In The Sun

July 24, 2008

My shoes are not that bright.

The Hipster Wears Prada

July 23, 2008

Another party or whatever. Decided to bring the cars rather than my fixie.

Saw this candle holder with an awkward face, that wasn’t meant to be a face. It was 7 bucks! Fuck that.

Saw this sweet fixie tarck bike.

Now the lewt.

Loud bed sheets. Still need a comforter and such =T

Loud towels, except for that burgundy one.

Not for me but interesting… zebra rug!…

The sticker in my candy. It is a boy dressed up like a bumble bee going fishing. NJS.

The Joker

July 20, 2008

is one stylin mother fucker.

I must see this, or else I might have to do some irrational things.

Feist x Sesame Street

July 18, 2008

Take me now.

Goodbye Michelle

July 18, 2008

I like my chukkas.

I only have one cold weather jacket.

I have a janky dirty mirror.

I love awkward accidental flirting.

You look really hot. You should take off your sweatshirt.

In reference to a girl sick with a fever. After realizing his blunder…

Like sweaty hot. Like you’re really sweaty.

He only dug his ditch deeper.

Neon Panda

July 17, 2008

The colors aren’t quite as PoPpInG as RL.

Butt close up & vegetation detail