December 31, 2008

I take it you already know
Of tough and bough and cough and dough.
Others may stumble, but not you,
On hiccough, thorough, laugh, and through.
Well done! And now you wish, perhaps,
To learn of less familiar traps.
Beware of heard, a dreadful word,
That looks like beard and sounds like bird.
And dead—it’s said like bed, not bead,
For goodness’ sake, don’t call it deed!
Watch out for meat and great and threat,
(They rhyme with suite and straight and debt).
A moth is not a moth in mother,
Nor both in bother, broth in brother.
And here is not a match for there,
Nor dear and fear for bear and pear.
And then there’s dose and rose and lose—
Just look them up—and goose and choose.
And cork and work and card and ward,
And font and front and word and sword.
And do and go and thwart and cart—
Come, come, I’ve hardly made a start!
A dreadful language? Why, man alive!
I’d mastered it when I was five!

– Anonymous


Winter Break

December 31, 2008

What I wore to GILROY >=3


What I wore to watch Kung Fu Panda(Good Movie) at home, because I got ditched for laundry T_T


What I wore to Stonestown, and we took the the K instead of the M for some odd reason. Old school habits @_@


Yeah I kinda wore the same thing… dirty hipsters…



AND MY NEW SHOES. They’re baller.



December 29, 2008

adj. using pretentious words

My Dear

December 29, 2008

To see.

To hear.

To think.

Dear to my eyes.

Dear to my ears.

Dear to my mind.

Dear to my heart.


In time you will realize why people love you so. When the butterfly morphs, when the flower blooms, and when your eyes open. 

A little bit of confidence goes a long way.

The Academy

December 27, 2008



Parts run down.

  • [f]A[k]erospokes
  • thomson stem
  • some carbon dropsers
  • chris king headset
  • thomson seatpost
  • salsa seatpost clamp
  • flat rear tire

Still In SF

December 26, 2008

Gough Street

In San Francisco, driving through
I came upon a street named Gough;
Allergic to a name like Gough,
I there began to sneeze and cough;
I parked my car beneath a bough
That overhung the street sigh “Gough,”
And rested there awhile, although
I did not like the street named Gough.
No, I did not like the street named Gough
About which this is quite enough.
-Minnie Elmer


December 25, 2008



December 22, 2008

I was taking a shower. I reached for the shampoo and proceeded to wash my hair. Finished up with the conditioner…. the end? no… I continued to wash my hair. I rinsed and repeated FOUR TIMES. What a mindfuck.

Doctor three hundo twenty9’s diagnosis? Dirty Hipster’s subconscious is OCD.

Maybe I should stop sleeping at 4.

Christmas Is Happy Times

December 22, 2008


If you say something to somebody enough, they’ll start to believe it.

If you do something to somebody enough, they’ll start to expect it.

C’mon now, you took psych.


I almost wish I was back at college. I wouldn’t want rock band, because I couldn’t play it anyway. You wouldn’t have to attempt to make room for me in your hectic schedule, because we wouldn’t even be able to hang out. Best of all I could just plug my ears with my shuffle and mash on and on with people, who are ALWAYS down.

6 months since we’ve graduated, and what have I been doing?


before/after wash =O

Hey Hipsta,

Stop being so invested in things and people out of your control. More yoyoing, riding, and school, things where time invested pays off. Company is nice, reliance on the undependable is weakness. Wear your own jeans. Set your own trend. D-I-fucking-Y. 

Hey not so Hipsta,

Stop comparing yourself to animals. You’re so pretty, yet you don’t even know. No, you’re def not as hip as me, but I don’t give a fuck. It’s a shame all this is about to go to waste, because we’re about to reach the peak.

You should read more too!



I lurv twilight.