Dinner and Politics

December 1, 2008

Press play to play.

I finally got my free Obama pin… 


My parents may have just not told me I had mail or MoveOn is campaigning early? Will the hype last?

Oh right dinner…


Mango boudin, Bun of dripping sand, Pastry of barbeque pork, Apple juice, Stouffer’s lasagna, Raspberry yogurt.

Trying to keep it somewhat healthy…


Updates & Checklists

December 1, 2008

Kewl background music. Press PLAY.

I made it out alive.


Life Updates

  • It is possibly for me to gain weight.
  • Prime rib tastes better than turkey.
  • I miss X
  • I miss Y
  • I miss Z
  • I like rock band. Good at guitar. Amazing at singing.

Life Checklist


  • Go to the AoS with X
  • Play hipster with Y
  • Go shopping with Z


Bike Updates


  • Thomson seatpost
  • Thomson Stem
  • Deda bars

Bike Checklist

  • Silver Headset
  • Install white cable housing 8D
  • Silver wheels >_>
  • Ride hard…

tentatively done.