Redlands Rampage

April 5, 2009


7th place in my first alley cat =P

They gave me a sticker for falling down in the street during a trackstand. I was still clipped in while a car was creeping up. The driver laughed at me.


Black Hawk Hurts

March 11, 2009

So I was humming a tune the whole day but couldn’t remember where it was from… Then I remembered. LITTLE BOOTS ❤

which is a cover of Day And Night by Kid Cudi.

Went out to Redlands on Monday. A fun ride I’ll admit. They ended the ride in an underground parking garage. Like many, this parking garage had slick cement, thick painted arrows, and oil from drippy cars. We played tag on bikes, which was VERY FUN, but just so happens luck was not on my side. Being chased, skidded and had my back wheel slip out on me on an arrow. Chasing, went into a corner too fast, and my back wheel slipped out again. Friend said it was cause of an arrow again.

Not to take away from Mouse’s crash, but FUCK does my shoulder hurt.


At least my bar tape matches…

Black Hawk Down

March 10, 2009

I always say,  “Ride hard; die hard.”


update tomorrow.

Denim Day

February 21, 2009

Sike. Just some H&M jawns. My first pair of stretchy jeans evah.


To hold me till I can afford some new shit. Much more comfortable than my APC when on the bike.

Toupe VS APC

February 8, 2009

N.E.R.D. put on a good show.

My hall likes to break windows.


Specialized Toupe’s eat jeans. CROTCH SHOT.


And a bit of irony to get you through the day.


Pedal Power

January 30, 2009

WoRsT dAy EvEr

January 25, 2009

hrm where do I start?

I like this song, but it is in no way an indication of my mood.

I listened to the whole Justice album atleast 4 times today.

I biked.

It rained.

It was muddy.


I got the worst butterflies in my tummy ever, right after ordering food.


The food would not go down.

Fuck nails in the ground.

I got two flats.

Yay pictures!

in a bit…

super smash brothers brawl detour~






Look at the douchebag with the World Champion Stripes.

Let’s make fun of him so I feel better.


Fuckin hipster.

Meet And Greet

January 17, 2009

  • biked 40 something miles today
  • saw the prettiest girl, shoulda said something, regret and deppresion 
  • tired
  • dirty
  • smell like oranges
  • sweaty
  • sore
  • “real post” tomorrow…

Mt. Rubidoux

January 16, 2009


UCR is at the horizon. It wasn’t really that far though.

Santana’s fish tacos are A+


January 14, 2009

Back to the grind. Back to the hustle.

  • My eyes hurt, I think it was the climb or cold wind.
  • I like plain quesadillas.
  • I need to write an essay.
  • I dream about Twilight… and drool… ALOT 
  • Today was kinda shitty. FML.