January 16, 2009

My mind just got blown.



December 25, 2008


There’s Something About Mary

September 11, 2008

What a lame title….

Amazing Marry is amazing.

While I Was Camp

August 9, 2008

John Ando blew minds.

Amazing TtAmOt Post

August 1, 2008

Things That Amused Me On Thursday in imitation is the sincerest form of flattery of fazed-girl of Gala at iCing.

My yoyo’s come from here.

Though they have recently moved into an actual office building, I love the fact that one can start an amazing yoyo business out of their laundry room. 

I haven’t received one of these little boxes in AGES. I love them so.

Ogawd, my yoyos are so hipster.

My friend made out with a basketballerr.

This homeless man with a sign along the lines of, “My wife was kidnapped and I am short 99 cents of the ransom.” Sorry, I did not get a better picture. =(

Bomb Shit Pussy

Riding fixie (magazine cover)

notice the tight tarck geometry, the front brake, and the toe clips and straps.

Cute license plate on a Honda Element. (My flash does not work with license plates, desole.)


July 27, 2008

Do you understand? (that’s a link btw)

He says, “I’ve had this theory about the meaning of life. You’re ultimately trying to prove to yourself that you exist.”

The yo-yo snaps back into his palm.

“It’s why you do anything.”

Conversation between a Chinese waiter and an Indian tourist…

I need some advice.

Fried rice?

No no I need some AD VICE *points at menu*

Ooh fried rice?

A look into my areas of expertise, what I waste my precious time and money on, yet love every minute of, constantly making them my own… whether it be through damage.. or eer character, yes. I felt my reader(haha see what I did there? I implied that I have very few readers D= ) would appreciate a less vague post actually about me.

To build suspense… here is my dish washing monkey

My first love. Some people call it a yo-yo. I call it a magnificent gyroscope that glows of fun and love… and sex.

The sexy pretty one, that does not see the light of day.

The one I carry around and let people try out. I guess she’s like a whore… best whore ever. She remains tight, smooth, and my favorite.

Then there is my hipster one… She is of the colors blue and green. She is currently off at someone else’s house getting modded; boy, do I miss her =T

My second passion. I don’t know if you can call it that, since we basically just hang out… ALOT.

What they looked like when new.

and… now(colors are a bit off, taking pictures of denim is a bitch). I really hope to get a new pair soon…



back pocket.

And my last but not least.

I thought clashing would be kinda fun =T

OOPS! good thing steal is real.

and this girl I kinda have a crush on teehee. She goes by the name soepom.