Teacher Profile

April 1, 2009

I present to you a story. Not to judge, but just to read.

So I’m helping another teacher than usual for this week. His name is Mr. Pierce. He attended UCR back in the day, but his story starts in high school.  He was one of those that were smart but preferred to just scrape by. He would ace a test so that he could slack off til final time and settled for C’s. He figured out his parents would be happy as long as it appeared he was trying. He used to think he was slick. When graduation came along, he did not plan to move on to college. His dad confronted him telling him to either find a job or join the army. He did not want to do either. He noticed all his friends were going to college. He asked himself how hard could it be, right? He went over and talked to the chancellor of the school. He explained his reasons, dreams, and such. He tried to explain that he was smart although his transcript did not represent this. Back in the day the chancellor was allowed to admit four students without reason, and the rest is history (HAHA CLICHE WHATEVZ)… after many many interviews and stuff like that.

Then he told me about this creative writing course (back in the day they didn’t have a creative writing major)= (I just closed the parenthesis with a smiley) he took. On the first day of class they were presented with an assignment. If they received an A on this first assignment, they would not have to attend class again. He figured why not try. Being a black man during a time when they were expressing their pride and beauty, he decided to write his paper on their hair and hair picks. Writing papers the night before they are due, usually results in errors and dumb typos.

solely…. souly

The professor called his name among a few others and congratulated them. He told Pierce he was a genius and was curious as to how he came up with it.

Which reminds me of when I wrote an essay regarding humor and jokes. I used a joke about a lady who had orgasms constantly. I used the word “climax” to refer to the punchline in the joke. My teacher wrote, “pun?”

  1. Haircut since 3 months, Buffet OMNOM
  2. Jook omnom, Pho omnom
  3. De Young – YSL omnom, Warhol meh
  4. King of Thai OMNOM
  5. Rock Band jam sesh OMNOM, Shanghai food OMNOM
  6. Hip surprise =), KFC OMNOM
  7. Hawaiian BBQ – My stomache is broken, Hot pot omnom

Life Lesson #1

February 28, 2009

Don’t rock climb without chalk.

Spidey Senses R Tingling

February 14, 2009

I’m a v0 Spiderman.

The Alleycats

February 12, 2009

For you that don’t know already. I recently started working at an elementary school for work study. I work on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Time cards are due this friday, but since RUSD is celebrating Lincoln’s day, I have the day off. I was supposed to get my timecard on wednesday, but my supervisor disappeared on me. They said I would have to come back today. SHE IS STILL NOT THERE!!! FML.

They put their muddy shoes in the good shower stall.

They put boxes of Mexican food on the floor.

They spill coffee in the bathroom.

They’re way too loud ALL OF THE TIME.


Those are the problems ATM…

Toupe VS APC

February 8, 2009

N.E.R.D. put on a good show.

My hall likes to break windows.


Specialized Toupe’s eat jeans. CROTCH SHOT.


And a bit of irony to get you through the day.


WoRsT dAy EvEr

January 25, 2009

hrm where do I start?

I like this song, but it is in no way an indication of my mood.

I listened to the whole Justice album atleast 4 times today.

I biked.

It rained.

It was muddy.


I got the worst butterflies in my tummy ever, right after ordering food.


The food would not go down.

Fuck nails in the ground.

I got two flats.

Yay pictures!

in a bit…

super smash brothers brawl detour~






Look at the douchebag with the World Champion Stripes.

Let’s make fun of him so I feel better.


Fuckin hipster.

Meet And Greet

January 17, 2009

  • biked 40 something miles today
  • saw the prettiest girl, shoulda said something, regret and deppresion 
  • tired
  • dirty
  • smell like oranges
  • sweaty
  • sore
  • “real post” tomorrow…


January 14, 2009

Back to the grind. Back to the hustle.

  • My eyes hurt, I think it was the climb or cold wind.
  • I like plain quesadillas.
  • I need to write an essay.
  • I dream about Twilight… and drool… ALOT 
  • Today was kinda shitty. FML.